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alfa_logoWelcome to ALFA - ALliance to Fight Atrial fibrillation. Our association aims at providing not only information, but also proper support and access to a topic as important as Atrial Fibrillation, the most common among cardiac arrhythmias.

Or main goal is that of raising awareness of this pathology, not only among those who already suffer from it or could be affected by it, but also among the medical-scientific community as a whole, including hospital centers and institutional bodies managing the Health Service. The main focus is on the strengthening of a dialogue between cardiologists, family physicians and patients, towards the creation of a virtuous circle developing strategies to contrast Atrial Fibrillation in different contexts.

But fighting Atrial Fibrillation is not enough: it also needs to be diagnosed as early and precisely as possible, and to be efficiently and competently managed, too, in order to prevent the patients from the suffering and from the severe worsening of life's conditions related to this arrhythmia. This is the reason why ALFA aims at working in close contact with groups and associations of patients, functioning as the spoke subject for their needs with the Health System and collaborating in setting and accurate informative support.

Through the interaction between the Scientific Committee and the associations of patients, and thanks to FIGHT AF, the new educational awareness campaign, ALFA takes aim at informing the general audience about this pathology's relevance and widespread impact, while contemporaneously providing detailed and updated information on its treatment.

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